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In Becoming a Great Leader, Matt will walk you through every step in achieving a leadership role in your life so you can pursue your dreams and inspire others to follow you.

In this hard cover, 300 plus page, 25 chapter book, readers will discover how:

  • Making little changes today will shape a better tomorrow

  • Becoming self-educated is your key to freedom

  • Learning to like people will help them like and trust you

  • Being creative and visionary will lead to inspiring others

  • Investing using the Working Person’s Formula can lead to financial independence

  • Your personality can positively influence your organization’s environment

  • Change can be accomplished through teamwork and motivation

  • Practicing leadership can make you wealthy

  • Giving to others is the gift that keeps giving

  • You become a brand and ultimately your own enterprise by becoming a great leader.

When you start along a path to leadership, you will notice the differences quickly. Start today by reading Becoming a Great Leader. Confidence, freedom, wealth, happiness, meaning, influence and success are all waiting to follow you.

Avia Publishing, New York

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Becoming a Great Leader is about serving others. Matt Jenkins captures the essesence of developing leadership qualities that matter most as we influence others to reach their potential. Grow yourself first to be the best possible leader to develop others. This is a personal development must read!

Practical techniques for becoming a great leader are what I found in this book. Seeing leadership asa three ring circus is humorously insightful. I really enjoyed the analogy and it is extremely useful.

Did you know that you are already a leader? Yes, you are, but now it is time to learn how to become a great one. In Becoming A Great Leader, Matt Jenkins takes readers step-by-step through the process of leadership, starting with where you are in your family or job and showing you how to grow into someone who can dream, plan, achieve, and inspire others by your example. No matter your current role in life, you can benefit from this book.

JACKIE WELLWOOD, author of Lead With Your Integrity: Choosing to Follow Your Moral Code Regardless of Circumstances

AL FOXX, author of No Limits 

TYLER R. TICHELAAR, Ph.D. and Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place



Matt Jenkins is an author, professional keynote speaker, leadership coach, and entrepreneur with more than twenty years experience leading people in the military and as an entrepreneur. Originally from Indiana, where he learned the values of hard work and persistence, he has an associate of arts degree from Marion Military Institute, where he was commissioned an army officer through the ROTC. Matt also holds a B.S. in Education from Indiana University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Indiana State University. He is a 2014 graduate of the United States Army Command and General Staff School. Matt is also the actor known as David Matthew Jenkins, appearing in television, movies and commercials in Honolulu and Los Angeles.   Matt is available to sponsor your products or appear in your company commercials, to learn more about him visit: However, his proudest accomplishment is leading his family as a husband and father of two girls.

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