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                                                     SCHEDULE A WORKSHOP


This book is perfect for workshops! Whether it’s an annual meeting, corporate training, or a much needed team building event, workshops are a great way to bring people together. Matt’s workshops are designed to reward your employees. Attendees will have fun, communicate effectively with each other, and achieve common understanding and purpose.


Workshops focus specifically on Chapter 13 (Finding Your Leadership Role), Chapter 20 (Leader and the Organization Model), Chapter 21 (Team Building), with the SCORE formula, and Chapter 22 (Calibrating Your Team as a Leader) with the Success Calibration Model. These workshops also explain and promote the various leadership attributes throughout all chapters of this book. The workshops are interactive, involving games and discussions. Topics are introduced to develop and build your organization. Participants strive to understand themselves and their teams, seek to understand personal and professional improvement and gain enhanced satisfaction with your organization’s working environment.


You may also choose the chapters of this book that you would like to emphasize in your workshop. At your request, Matt can design and tailor a workshop for your organization that meets your needs. There is no better way to foster understanding and create success than bringing people together for a workshop.

Email Matt at and provide your phone number, so he can call you to discuss the options for scheduling a workshop at your next event.

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